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An Adult RPG based off of Richard and Wendy Pini's ElfQuest comic books.
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 Stoneforge Holt (Wolfriders)

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PostSubject: Stoneforge Holt (Wolfriders)   Stoneforge Holt (Wolfriders) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 8:55 am

Wolfriders are Elves with a mix of Wolf blood. Generally they have more Elf then wolf blood, and look Elven. Now and again, though, a throw back is born that seems more wolf then Elf. There are a few Elves that contain no wolf blood what so ever.
They have learned how to bond with the Wolves of the pack though. Just from growing up around them, they have learned how to understand the wolves.

The wolves contain a bit of Elf blood in their make up. They communicate through pictures with their Elf Bonds. Like the Elves, now and again one can be born with more Elf blood then wolf, and can communicate with words. Generally, one word that would get their point across as well as pictures.

Stoneforge Holt is situated in the Eastern Forest. Wolfriders are hunter/gatherers, they donít farm, but instead take as the forest provides. Much like the animals of the forest, the Wolfriders have learned to store nuts and berries, and dried meats for lean times. A few know how to fish the streams and rivers in their forest.

Wolfriders Elves live much like any primitive tribe of people. There is pottery and basket weaving for storage. They tan hides for clothing. They use pretty stones, wood, bone, quills, ect. for decorating. Except the dried foods stuffs, they eat everything raw, like their bond wolves.
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PostSubject: Rites of passage to adulthood   Stoneforge Holt (Wolfriders) Icon_minitimeMon Oct 06, 2008 6:48 pm

Adulthood rite of passage -stoneforge


Adulthood rite of passage for young hunters to be for the tribe as a whole is as followed - Elder hunters of the tribe will take stripling(s) out in the fields and woods to test for readiness and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The elder or elders will then confer with the chief and memory keeper on what they had observed and their opinion on the stripling('s) performance. If the council agrees the hunter(s) will be taken out on a major hunt. This Hunt unlike others for smaller game is a serious affair and extermely dangerous. The point of it is to prove oneself not only to the tribe but to be able to work in group as an adult and take what is happening seriously. Goofing off or not paying attention cost lifes and can cause hunger for the tribe has a whole.The stripling must help and do his share in the hunt which mean not just killing but butchering and hauling it back. In other words HARD WORK and no whining. Wolfriders live a hard lifes no matter how it appears and all elves matter in the tribe and everyone has something to offer as a whole. IF by chance the stripling to be does not make hunter they will fall back on their secondary skill in the tribe or wait till a later time to be retested if they surivied the first test. All striplings that pass the test are marked as adults apon their return to the holt at hunts end and given rights accorded to adults


All non hunters will be tested on their skills of choice and maturity by elder or elder's of their craft. This means all skills related to said craft and must perform tasks to show skill level. If skills meet approval by Elder craftmaster(s) the stripling in question will be acknowleged as an adult and take on an adult role in the tribe and include in adult discussions and other related subjects. The craftmaster(s) will give their approval or disapproval to chieftain and memory-keeper before announcing to the tribe the stripling's adult status or not as the case may be.

Something will mark or symbolize the striplings passing to adulthood be it tattoo,a speacil braid or object worn. This maybe work on as we go and be posted later.
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Stoneforge Holt (Wolfriders)
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