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An Adult RPG based off of Richard and Wendy Pini's ElfQuest comic books.
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 Catrider Holt

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PostSubject: Catrider Holt   Catrider Holt Icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 8:34 am

Catriders are Elves with a mix of White Spotted (Snow Leopard) and Yellow Spotted Cat (Jaguar) blood. Generally they have more Elf then Cat blood, and look Elven. Now and again, though, a throw back is born that seems more cat then Elf.

The Cats that bond with the Elves contain a bit of Elf blood in their make up. While they donít generally have the full speech ability to Send as if talking, they do communicate through pictures. The Catriders and their Cats are still relatively young as a species to have throw backs yet in the Cats.

Catrider Holt is situated in Web Forest, and the Elves there have just been recently woke up, thanks to a couple of Human cubs from the village close by. Catriders are hunter/gatherers, they donít farm, but instead take as the forest provides. Much like the animals of the forest, the Catriders have learned to store nuts and berries, and dried meats for lean times. A few know how to fish the streams and rivers in their forest.

Catrider Elves live much like any primitive tribe of people. There is pottery and basket weaving for storage. They tan hides for clothing. They use pretty stones, wood, bone, quills, ect. for decorating. Except the dried foods stuffs, they eat everything raw, like their bond cats.
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Catrider Holt
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