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An Adult RPG based off of Richard and Wendy Pini's ElfQuest comic books.
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 Lingo of Seaside Holt

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PostSubject: Lingo of Seaside Holt   Lingo of Seaside Holt Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 9:23 pm

By the Palace = Exclamation, Curse
High Ones = Exclamation
By the High Ones = Exclamation
Tideís Blessing = Greeting, Well Being to you
Happy Hunting = Well wishing for a good and safe hunt
Oceanís Plenty = Well wishing for a safe and successful fishing
Tadpole = Child up to age 20
Fishling = Teenager up to age 40
Blasted Squabblebirds = Exclamation, especially for gossipers
Sticky Sweet = Honey

White Spotted Cats = Leopards
Howlers = Grey and Red Wolves
Long Ears = Jack Rabbit
Spotted Cats = Jaguars
Prickly Hair = Rats
Fluffy Furred Barrowers = Field Mice
Fluffy Furred Tree Land Dwellers = Wood Mice
Tree Chewers = Beavers
Fat Cheeks = Chipmunks
Grass Eaters = Horses
Branch Horns = Antelope
Tree Horns = Elk
Curled Horns = Mountain Goat
Tuskers = Razor Back Pigs
Stinky Strip Back = Skunk
Many Toothed Smile = Opossum
Mask Face = Raccoon
Sly Soft Fur = Fox
Mean Striped = Badger
Sneaky = Weasel
Poke Back = Porcupine
Rock Skin = Armadillo
Soft Fluff = Hamsters
Water Soft Fur = Mink
Spiral Horns = Gazelle
Fluffy Tail Hopper = Cottontailed Rabbits
Screechers = Bats
Yappers = Small Monkeys
Bushy Tailed Chatters = Squirrels
White Big Eyes = Snowy Owls
Big Eyes = Barn Owls
Falcon = Falcon
Hawk = Hawk
Grass Bird = Pheasant
Raven = Raven
Pack Birds = Swallows
Far Flying Water Birds = Albatross
Water Floater = Mallard Duck
White Head Hunter = Bald Eagle
Golden Hunter = Golden Eagle
Red Bird = Robin
Loud Mouths = Macaws
Colourful Mimics = Ecletus Parrots
Squabble Birds = Seagulls
Meat Bird = Goose
Flitters = Hummingbirds
Mudmonsters = Crocodile
Blender = Chameleon
Large Hard Back = Tortoise
Hunting Scales = Komodo Dragon
Green Scales = Iguana
Small Scales = Bearded Dragon
Serpent = Boa Constrictor
Squeeze Serpent = Python
Rattle Tail = Rattlesnake
Spit Poison = Spitting Cobra
Tree Leaper = Tree Frogs
Lazy Leapers = Toads
Small Hard Back = Turtle
Leapers = Frogs
Sharp Teeth = Great Whites
Smiling Fish = Dolphin
Tooth Fish = Sperm Whale
Toothless Fish = Right Whale
Striped Sharp Teeth = Tiger Sharks
Fish = Mullets
Poison Blanket Fish = Sting Rays
Blanket Fish = Manta Ray
Shrimp = Shrimp
Clawed Eight Legs = Crabs
Multicolour Meat = Abalone
Blue Fish = Blue Fish
Rock Fish = Rock Fish
Elf Eater = Piranha
Pink Meat Fish = Salmon
Rainbow Fish = Rainbow Trout
Whisker Fish = Cat Fish
Sticky Sweet Maker = Honeybee
Flutter = Monarch Butterfl
Long Legged Hoppity = Grasshopper
Stinky = Stink Bug
Hairy Eight Leg = Tarantula
Colourful Flyer = Dragonfly
Stalker = Praying Mantis
Eye Wings = Emperor Moth
Jumping Eight Leg = Jumping Spider
Blood Suckers = Mosquitoes
Fly = Fly
Creepy Crawler = Ant
Hard Shell Creepy Crawlers = Beetles
Wiggly Eight Leg = Octopus
Pearl Makers = Oyster
Serpent Nose = Mammoth
Sword Teeth = Saber Tooth Cat
Water Monster = Plesiosaur (Nessie)
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Lingo of Seaside Holt
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