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An Adult RPG based off of Richard and Wendy Pini's ElfQuest comic books.
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 ElfQuest Glossary

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PostSubject: ElfQuest Glossary   ElfQuest Glossary Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2007 1:14 am

Okay here's some terms that I could think of off the top of my head atm. I'll add to it as more come to me or people point them out to me.

Soulname - word/sound/concept that sums up all an elf is. Generally a secret name rarely shared, but always know between those who Recognize.

Recognition - it's a breeding thing. and happens between a male and female. semi-aware/intelligent (maybe), Recognition happens when the best qualities are found in two elves and Recognition demands a cub. (Can, extremely rare, be wrong.)

Lifemate - two elves that have decided to mate for life. Might be from Recognition, might not. there can be more then two in the Lifemating. (equivalent to being married, only without the judge/justice of the peace/priest, and the marriage ceromonies)

Lovemates - not as intense as Lifemates. But like Lifemates there can be more then two in the mating, or they may just share separetly. (more like a boy/girlfriend kinda thing)

Furmate - it's just a sex thing mainly. Though it can be an alternate term for a Lovemate or three.

The Way - a Wolfrider term generally. Means that they follow the Way, it is based off how the wolves live life, with Recognition thrown in to make a mess of things.

Sending - all elves posses the ability, some just more so then others depending on their life ways. It is a form of telepathy and silent comunication. Only Death can keep an Elf from hearing and/or responding to a Send.

*note* There is only truth in Sending. In other words a lie can't be told AT ALL.

Open Send - a Sending that is open for all to hear.

Closed or Private Send - a Sending meant only for those the elf wishes to hear.

Turn - elven word for year.

A Hand - an expression used to measure something. ie, a hand of days. an elf hand has 3 fingers and a thumb, so they count in increments of 4. So, A Hand of days would be 4 days. Eight Hands of days would be 8 x 4 = 32 days. Two Eight Hands and 3 days would be ((2 x Cool x 4) + 3 = 67 days.
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PostSubject: Re: ElfQuest Glossary   ElfQuest Glossary Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 10:28 pm

Copied from

If you have any words you think I'm missing please PM one of the storytellers...


Adar: Human, male; mate of Nonna; son of Tolf, the Wood-Cleaver; exiled and returned member of Olbar's tribe; skeptical guide of Cutter and Skywise, he later helps them free Winnowill's human captives.

age-mate: A friend about the same age

airwalker: Used to refer to one who levitates, particularly Rayek.

allo: A large carnivorous dinosaur, packs of which still roam the world.

always now, The: The state of mind that exists in a perpetual present; the "now" of wolf thought.

anti-healing: The opposite of healing, the power to inflict pain; used by Winnowill.

Aro: Human, male; refugee from the holt fire whose life is spared by Cutter at Sorrow's End; tells the human myth of the elves.

arrow whip: A weapon consisting of a flexible stick with a sling on the end to shoot arrows; used by Dart in the Sun Village

Ayoooah!: Wolfrider shout derived from a wolf's howl; a general tribal cry of the Wolfriders.


babah: Wolfrider baby talk for "father" equivalent to "Dada"

Bad One, The: One-Eyes term for Winnowill

bagfrog: A large frog with an air pouch at its throat.

barbarian: Sun Folk term for Wolfriders, used particularly by Leetah and Rayek for Cutter.

bear: Large, fierce omnivore similar to earth bear.

bearberry: An edible berry used by the Wolfriders to supplement their diet.

beast-eared demons: Bone Woman's name for elves.

beesweets: Preserver name for honey.

bellow torches: Used by the trolls to heat their forges to high temperature.

belonging-time: Preserer term for the period when preservers dwelt with elves in the Palace.

Berrybuzz: Preserver, neuter.

big belly pictures: Fertility symbols.

Big Moon: The larger of the two moons that orbit the world; has a period of roughly sixteen days; also called the Greater Moon or Mother Moon.

bigthing: Preserver term for human.

bird elf: Wolfrider term referring to Tyldak.

bird riders: General term of the Wolfriders for the Chosen Eight of the Gliders of Blue Mountain.

bird spirit: Term of the Hoan G'Tay Sho (Nonna's tribe) for the Gliders, later all elves.

birdbasket: Preserver term for bird nest.

Black Hair: Wolfrider term for Rayek, also used b Kahvi.

black sending: The pain-filled telepathic attack of an antihealer such as Winnowill.

black snake: Wolfrider term for Winnowill.

Blood of Ten Chiefs: Honorific, used in referring to Cutter.

blood-bat: A parasitic bat, equivalent to vampire bat.

Blue Mountain: The home of the Gliders far to the west near the Vastdeep Water.

Bolli: Human, female; lives in the medieval-type village near the Wolfriders' reunion with the Palace.

bond-bird: One of the great hawks ridden by the Chosen Eight.

bonding: The process by which an elf and an animal become attuned to each other, not as master and subordinate, but as equals; technically, only the Wolfriders with their wolf blood can truly bond with wolves.

bond-pack: Wolves ridden by the wolfriders.

Bone Woman: The foul shamaness of Olbar's tribe when Cutter first encounters them.

bow-harp: A musical instrument based on a hunting bow but with more than one string.

Brace: Blue Mountain elf, male; tranced rockshaper who maintains the stone structure of one of Blue Mountain's arches.

branch-horn: A deerlike animal with spreading antlers.

Bridge of Destiny: A high stone arch overlooking Sorrow's End; a natural formation that is used as the site for the Test of Heart. (in the Trial by Hand, Head and Heart)

bright-metal: Light, silvery, troll-made metal of which Cutter's sword New Moon is forged.

bristle-boar: A burrowing swine found in the desert near the Sun Village.

Brownskin: Name used by the Go-Backs and Ekuar for Rayek.

Bruga: Human, male; a member of the Gotara tribe, he captures Skywise, who escapes and cuts off some of his fingers; later helps hunt the "deamons"

buck: Go-Back term for father.

bug: Term used by Cutter to refer to Petalwing.

Bumper: Scouter's and Dewshine's nickname for Windkin.

Burning Waste: The Wolfrider name for the desert between the Tunnel of Golden Light and Sorrow's End.

burrowers: The original chimpanzeelike creatures that evolved into the trolls.

busyhead highthing: Petalwing's term for Cutter.


cave slug: A wormlike creature found in troll caverns. Trolls consider them a delicacy.

Challenge Wand: Golden carved dagger used among the Sun Folk to ritually challenge a rival to the Trial of Hand, Head and Heart.

Chiad G'Cho: Human, male; member of the Hoan G'Tay Sho tribe who joins the war party against the "wolf deamons" and tries to start the forest fire.

chief-friend: An affectionate term used by Nightfall and others to refer to Cutter.

chief's lock: A bound lock of hair worn only by the chief of the Wolfriders.

Child Moon: The smaller of the two moons that orbit the world; also called Lesser Moon or Little Moon.

Children of Gotara: One human tribe's name for itself.

Chosen Eight, the: Elves of Blue Mountain who ride the great hawks and do all the hunting for their people.

clap rocks: A musical instrument played during festivals at Sorrow's End.

clearstone: A colourless, transparant mineral similar to mica; used as ornamentation by the Sun Folk.

cloud tree: A desert plant whose blossoms look like puffs of smoke.

Coneheads: Informal term used to refer to the High Ones because of their elongated skulls before taking the form of elves.

council: A formal meeting of all the Wolfriders, usually to consider a major dicision.

cub: An affectionate name for a Wolfrider child.

cubling: An affectionate name for a very young Wolfrider child.


Dark Sister: Term used by Winnowill to refer to Leetah.

darks: Preservers term for nights.

dark-robed one: Human term for Winnowill; also called dark-robed mother.

daystar: Sun Folk name for the sun.

death sleep: Wolfrider term for autumn.

Death Water: A waterfall of the Great River, near Olbar's tribe, which flows into the Valley of Endless Sleep.

Deer: A general term for many species of deer, like tree-horns and elks. Major food source for elves and humans.

deer-sloth: Scouter's name for a zwoot.

Demon Chief: Human name for Cutter.

demons: Human term for elves.

den-hide: A practical, coordinated defensive action of the Wolfriders, in which all members of the tribe hide and keep silence on command.

dig-digs: Preserver name for trolls.

dirt-diggers: Rayek's term for his fellow Sun Folk.

double-shell nuts: An edible nut whose meat is enclosed in two though shells.

dreamberry: A berry that causes intoxication in elves when eaten fresh; fermented, it is hallucinogenic; can be poisonous to humans.

dreamberry talk: Drunken babbling.

dreamberry vision: An hallucination.

dreamberry wine: Fermented product of dreamberry juice; first concocted by the trolls living under the original holt, a tradition kept up by Old Maggoty.

Dregg: Northern troll, male; one of Guttlekraw's guards who detects the elf army's approach.

Dro: Human, male; Aro's insane brother; a refugee from the Holt fire who dies of illness at Cutter's feet at Sorrow's End.

Drub: Troll, female; one of Picknose's progeny.


eight-of-days: Elfin unit of time, equivalent to a week.

elder: Older and respected member of the Wolfriders whose experience is valued during council.

elf: One of a number of different groups of beings, all descended from the original group of High Ones, who now inhabit the World of Two Moons; most known elves - Wolfriders, Sun Folk, Go-Backs - are shorter and hardier than their forebears, though some - Gliders - are tall and delicate.

elf-friend: A wolf's particular Wolfrider.

evil ones: Human term for elves.

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PostSubject: Re: ElfQuest Glossary   ElfQuest Glossary Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 10:31 pm

Copied from

If you have any words you think I'm missing please PM one of the storytellers...


Father Tree: A great tree, shaped by generations of treeshapers, home of the Wolfriders from Goodtree's time until burned down in Cutter's time by humans; also the new dwelling tree within the Forbidden Grove.

fawn: Go-Back term for their children.

Festival of Flood and
Flower: Annual celebration held by the Sun Folk at the end of the rainy season.

fever dream: A delirium.

fire eyes: Gems used a currency by the northern trolls.

firemaker: One whose magic talent is the starting of fire.

firstborn: Early Wolfrider name for the immediate descendants of High Ones.

firstcomer: Early Wolfrider name for those who appeared with the Palace, i.e. High Ones.

First Dance: The oldest of the Dun Folk celebration dances, it tells of the Rootless Ones and the founding of Sorrow's End.

fisher bird: A water bird similar to a kingfisher.

five-fingers: Wolfrider term for a human.

fixed star: Skywise's term for the star which never seems to move that is located nearest to the Hub of the Great Sky Wheel.

Flam: Troll, male; one of Picknose's progeny

fledgling: Glider term for a young bond-bird.

flesh-shaping: An elfin magic power to shape flesh into any form, natural or unnatural; healing is a form of flesh-shaping.

floater: Term for an elf who has the power to levitate, but unlike Gliders, lacks propulsion.

floods-and-flowerings: Sun Folk expression for a year.

flyhighbaby: Preserver name for Windkin as an infant.

flyhighthing: Preserver name for Tyldak.

Forbidden Grove: A dense, wooded area in the Valley of Endless Sleep west of Olbar's village and east of Blue Mountain; home of the
preservers after Winnowill sent them there from Blue Mountain; feared by Olbar's tribe as a dwelling place of evils spirits; the Wolfriders established a new Holt there.

forest brothers: Wolfrider term for wolves.

Frosty Mane: Go-Back woman's nickname for Skywise.

Frozen Mountains: The great mountain chain that lies to the north of Blue Mountain, beyond which lies the Palace of the High Ones; home to the northern trolls.

funny old bird: Ember's description of Lord Voll.

fur flower: Forest plant with puffy white petals.

fursoft cradlebaby: Preserver name for a mouse.

fursoft yapthing: Preserver name for a wolf cub.


Geoki: Human, male; young hunter of the Hoan G'Tay Sho who joins, them opposes the war party against the "wolf demons"; befriended Dart.

Geru: Human; one of three adopted children of Adar and Nonna.

Gliders: Self-levitating elves, especially of Blue Mountain.

go out: Term used to describe when an elf such as Savah, Winnowill or Suntop travels outside the body in a type of astral projection.

Go-Backs: Elf tribe living just south of the Frozen Mountains near the Palace

Goodtree's Rest: Constellation named by Skywise.

Gotara: Supreme spirit worshipped by the tribe of humans who burned the Wolfriders out of their original holt.

Graysha: Human, female; Olbar's latest mate.

Great Egg: A huge egg-shaped sculpture inside Blue Mountain that contains within its concentric layers the pictorial history of the Gliders.

Great Ice Wall: Go-Back term for the glacier taht until recently hid the Palace of the High Ones.

Great River: A westward-flowing river that leads from the Death Water waterfall near Olbar's tribe to the Valley of Endless Sleep and on to the Blue Mountain.

Great Wolf: A constellation named by Skywise.

Great Sky Wheel: Skywise's term for the entire sky, which seems to wheel overhead as time passes.

Greater Moon: See Big Moon.

green growing place: Leetah's term for the forest or woods in general.

Greymung: Troll, male; king of the holt trolls until killed in the war with the invading northern trolls.

ground-quake: An earthquake.

growler highthings: Preserver name for Wolfriders.

growler: Preserver term for wolf.

Guiders: The Coneheads who were responsible for navigating the palace ship on its voyage through the stars.

Guttlekraw: Troll, male; king of the northern trolls; killed by Cutter and Kahvi in the final battle of the original Quest.


hangey-down: Preserver term for the cocoon they encase a living creature in to "preserve" it; it is suspended from a branch.

healer: An elf who has healing powers.

healing: The power to shape flesh to close wounds, knit bone, cleanse the body of poisons and so on; a kind of psychokinesis.

High Ones: General elfin term fo rthe beings who first came out of the Palace when it crashed on the World of Two Moons; the ancestors of all elves.

highthing: Preserver term for an elf.

Hoan G'Tay Sho: Tribe of humans living at the base of Blue Mountain who worship the Gliders; the name means "favored of those who dwell on high"; Nonna's tribe.

holt: Generally any place where the Wolfriders live, particularly their current home.

holt trolls: Trolls who lived beneath the Wolfrider's original forest holt, a splinter group from northern trolls.

homeplace: Preserver name for the Palace.

hometrees: Preserver name for the holt in the Forbidden Grove.

Honored Ones: Human term for the elves of Blue Mountain.

hood spider: A desert spider that hides under the sand.

hoof dog: A desert animal similar to a boar.

howl: A Wolfrider ritual; a great gathering of the tribe to celebrate or mourn a person or event. There may be storytelling or simply a howl to the sky.

Hub of the Great Sky Wheel: That part of the sky around which the stars seem to rotate; the northern sky pole.

Human Hunter: A constellation named by Skywise,

human: General term to describe the original inhabitants scattered throughout the World of Two Moons.

hummer: A bird similar to a humming bird.

hunt, the: (1) Early Wolfrider term for the offspring of Timmorn and the she wolves;
(2) any elf with very strong wolf characteristics
(3) The name of the Wolfrider tribe Ember leads to destroy Winnowill's creature

hunting birds: Nonna's name for bird ridden by the Gliders.


Itchback: Troll, male; young scout and guard in Guttlekraw's army; killed by Cutter and Rayek before the great battle.


jackwolf: A jackal-wolf hybrid, ridden by Dart and others in the Sun Village.

joining: The physical act of lovemaking.

juiceverries: Succulent berries that grow in the forest.


Kakuk: Human, male: old member of the Hoan G'Tay Sho; serves and is imprisoned by Winnowill; freed by Adar, Nonna and the Wolfriders.

kill-hunger: A frenzy.

Kinseeker: Name given to Cutter by Two-Edge.

kitling: Sun Folk term of affection, especially for a child.

Kohahn-Chief: Human, male; leader of the Hoan G'Tay Sho.


Lair of the Bird Spirits: Nonna's name for Blue Mountain.

Lesser Moon: See Child Moon.

Lifebearer: Name sometimes given to Woodlock.

lifegiver: An honorific title given to Leetah by the Sun Folk and Wolfriders.

lifemate: (1) An elf who has consciously and freely made a commitment to another bond for life in pairing equivalent to marriage.
(2)to make such a bond (see lovemate).

Lift-Leg: Human male, he inadvertently showed Tanner one way to cure animal hides by urinating over the pit where Tanner had buried some skins.

little bear-stabbers: Krim's name for Go-Back children.

Little Moon: See Child Moon.

Little Silver-hair: Savah's nickname for Skywise.

Little Spitface: Two-Edge's name for Petalwing.

little star cousins: Skywise's name for fireflies.

little winged ones: Human term for Preservers.

lock-sending: A kind of telepathic communication that is closed to all but the sender and the intended recipient(s).

Lodestone, the: The fragment of magnetic stone that Skywise wears as an amulet around his neck; also the magnetic meteorite from which the fragment came.

Longspear: Constellation named by Skywise.

longtooth: A large, wild cat resembling a sabretooth.

Loveless One: Name used by Savah and Leetah refer to Winnowill.

Lovemate: (1) An elf who joins with another for the pleasure involved but who has not made a stronger commitment.
(2) To engage in lovemating (see lifemate).

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PostSubject: Re: ElfQuest Glossary   ElfQuest Glossary Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 10:34 pm

Copied from

If you have any words you think I'm missing please PM one of the storytellers...


Madcoil: A monstrous creature born of the magical mutation/combination of a longtooth cat and a giant snake.

magic: General term used to describe various elfin abilities or powers; not a supernatural power, but rather a form of energy that can be used and stored and refers to powers of the mind such as telekinesis, telepathy, pyrokinesis and so on.

magic feelings: Suntop's term for the feeling he gets whenever he is around magic or a place where magic has been used.

Malak: Human, male; a member of Olbar's tribe who incurred the wrath of that leader by becoming the lover of the chief's
daughter Selah.

marsh-piper: A singing bird.

metal shaper: One who has the power to shape metals that have been refined or found in a relatively pure state such as gold.

moon madness: Insanity, crazy ideas.

moons: Unit of time equivalent to months.

moonsword: Sometimes used to refer to New Moon because of its shape.

moss mush: Troll baby food.

Mother Moon: See Big Moon.

mother-mother highthing: One of Petalwing's names for Timmains.

Mother of Memory: Another name for Savah.

mountain thing: Human term for the fallen Palace of the High Ones.

mud rat: A small animal that hibernates.

mump: Troll name for their children and youngsters.


nastybad dig-dig: Preserver name for trolls.

nasty bad high dig dig: Preserver name for Two-Edge.

near-wolf: Cutter's term for a dog.

new green: Wolfrider term for the season of spring.

New Moon: Cutter's sword forged by Two-Edge of brightmetal, with a key to Two-Edge's armory hidden in the handle; first owned by Bearclaw.

Nima: Human; one of three adopted children of Adar and Nonna.

nohump: Elfin term for a pony.

noisybad bubblebangs: Preserver description of the Tunnel of Globes, a passageway to Winnowill's private chambers in Blue Mountain that is lined with explosive globes.

noisybad: Preserver description of anything they find disagreeably loud.

Nonna: Human, female; mate of Adar, adoptive mother of Nima, Tenchi and Geru; symbol maker of the Hoan G'Tay Sho who settles with Olbar's tribe; closest human friend of Cutter.

northern trolls: Trolls who lives beneath Frozen Mountain.

now of wolf thought, the: See the always now.

nut-mash: (1) Gruel.
(2) Metaphorically, weakned to the point of uselessness.


Oddbit: Holt troll, female; mate of Picknose; mother of Trinket; granddaughter of Old Maggoty; an opportunist who bestows her affections to her own advantage.

Olbar the Mountain-Tall: Human, male; superstitious chief of the tribe that lives by the Great River.

Old Maggoty: Holt troll, female; grandmother of Oddbit; herbalist with the knowledge of dreamberry brewing; first discovered by Bearclaw which revealed the existence of trolls.

old old highthing: Petalwing's name for Lord Voll.

outsiders: Winnowill's name for all who dwell outside Blue Mountain.

owl-pellet: General Wolfrider curse of insult, derived from the result of an owl's regurgitation.


Palace: Also called Palace of the High-Ones, Lost Dwelling of the High-Ones, and other names. The starship the High-Ones (as Coneheads) shaped to resemble a castle; crashed on the World of Two Moons, stranding the High-Ones.

Petalwing: Preserver; "leader" of the preservers until Quest's End, then stayed with Rayek in the Palace; guides the elf army during the troll-elf war.

Picknose: Holt troll, male; originally, one of Greymung's guards; later is briefly king of the Northern trolls, during which time he takes Oddbit as mate and fathers Trinket; subsequently established his own kingdom.

plant-shaper: See tree-shaper

praise the High-Ones: Elves expression of reliefs.

preserver: A sexless, butterfly-like creature shaped by the Coneheads that can spit a kind of webbing, wrapstuff, which preserves whatever it completely enwraps. It also has a keen directional sense and can be used as a kind of a living compass to locate the Palace.

pretty was-growler highthing: One of Petalwing's names for Timmain.

puckernuts: Very bitter nut-like fruit; an exclamation of distaste.

punkin: A type of gourd.

Pusgums: Troll, male; one of Guttlekraw's guards; killed by Rayek and Cutter.


quill-pig: A type of porcupine.


Recognition: A mental and genetic imperative that produces an irresistible mating urge between genetically compatible elves that guarantees offspring with superior qualities.

rock-shaping: An elfin magic power that enables the possessor to mold rocks and minerals (as opposed to refined metals)

Rootless Ones: Name of one group of High-Ones who escaped from the Palace and wandered for generations before settling in Sorrows End.

rosynose highthing: Petalwing's name for Pike.

round-ears: Elfin term for humans.

run-rabbits: Dart's playfully insulting name for his jackwolf riders.


Sack 'o' Bones: Troll name for Mekda.

sand flea: A biting desert insect.

Scroll of Colors: An extremely high tech, i.e. magical holographic device in the Palace that contains a record of the High-Ones history.

Scurff: Holt Troll, male; the keeper of the door that led from the tunnels to the original holt.

seek-root: A tiny-blossomed desert flower.

Selah: Human, female; daughter of Olbar who ran away with her lover Malak.

self-shaper: One who can manipulate their own physical body in more advanced way than mere flesh-shaping.

Self-without-image: Savah's term for her astral being which she can project for a short distance.

sending: Telepathic communications; a power that is well developed in some elfin tribes such as the Wolfriders and rare unknown in others such as the Sun Folk. Sending can be open (broadcast to all in range) or locked (limited to specific elves). See lock-sending.

shade and sweet water: Common Sun Folk greeting.

shadow beast: Human term for wolf.

shaky-shake: Preserver description of an earthquake.

sharpdark highthing: Petalwing's name for Rayek.

shinysword highthing: Berrybuzz's name for Cutter.

silversoft highthing: Petalwing's name for Clearbrook.

six-sided stones: A dice game of chance played by trolls.

skeleton weeds: Desert plants resembling tumbleweeds.

skyfire storm: A lightning storm.

sleep dust: A powder concocted by Old Maggoty that puts animals (and by virtue of the wolf blood, Wolfriders) into a deep sleep.

Sleeping Troll: Wolfrider name for an active volcano visible from the original holt.

Smoking Mountain: A not-quite-dormant volcano near Sorrow's End.

snow bear: Similar to a polar bear.

snows: Human term for years.

softpretty highthing: Petalwing's name for Leetah.

Sorrow's End: The Sun Folk's oasis village founded by the Rootless Ones. It was discovered by the Wolfriders after their desert trek.

soul name: A word/sound/concept that embodies all that an elf is mentally and spiritually. It is both a door to contents of the innermost private core of the mind. It is sacred among Wolfriders, but for elfin tribes that do not send, such as the Sun Folk, it has neither meaning nor use and has disappeared.

Spirit Man: Human, male; shaman of the human tribe that burned the Wolfriders from their original holt; killed by Strongbow.

Spirit Slayer: Name taken for himself by the thief Cutter killed.

square-eye: A goatlike animal domesticated by some early groups of elves.

squatneedle: A type of cactus resembling a barrel cactus.

squirrel chatter: Talking without making sense.

sticker plants: Wolfrider name for cactus.

stillquiet: Preserver name for sleep.

stingtail: desert creature similar to a scorpion.

strangleweed: A dangerous vine which twines rapidly around anything that touches it.

striped doe: A deer known to the Sun Folk.

Strongest Man: Early human who was the first to kill a High-One when the Palace crashed onto the planet.

Sun Folk: A tribe of elves descended from the Rootless Ones, living in the desert village of Sorrow's End. (also called the Sun Village)

Sun Symbol: A figure carved into the stone at the end of the arch of the Bridge of Destiny.

Sun Village: See Sun Folk.

sun-comes-up (or sun-goes-up): Elfin term for east.

sun-goes-down: Elfin term for west.

sunnygold highthing: Petalwing's name for Dewshine.

Symbol Maker: (1) Shamaness who uses drawings to work magic.
(2) Nanna's title in the Hoan G'Tay Sho.

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PostSubject: Re: ElfQuest Glossary   ElfQuest Glossary Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 10:36 pm

Copied from

If you have any words you think I'm missing please PM one of the storytellers...


taal: An elfin child's game similar to hide and seek.

taal-stick: A wand used by children playing taal to touch each other, each touch counting a point.

Tabak: Human, male; killed by Cutter as he was about to sacrifice Redlance; his death triggers the burning of the forest and the original holt.

tall one: Elfin term for a human.

talon-whip: The hunting weapon carried by the Chosen Eight, consisting of grasping claws at the end of a coil rope.

Tenchi: human; one of three adoptive children of Adar and Nonna.

Tenspan's Hall: The great aerie in Blue Mountain from which the Chosen Eight fly their hawks.

thaw-time: Trollish term for spring.

Thaya: Human, female; refugee from the Holt fire; mate to Aro.

Thief: Human, male; exiled brother of Olbar whose name was taken from him; killed by Cutter while attempting to kill Skywise.

think-do-magic: Preserver term for the magic practiced by the High-Ones while suspended in the timelessness of a preserver cocoon.

thornbush: Prickly plant known to Wolfriders.

three-mating: A menage a trois where three elves bond and choose to live together.

Tolf, the wood-Cleaver: Human, male; father of Adar.

toss-stone: A Sun Villager child's game; also a trollish gambling game.

touch-me-touch-you: A child's game similar to tag.

treehorn: An animal with antlers similar to a deer.

tree-shaper: One with the magic ability to accelerate plants growth and direct the shape of that growth.

tree-walker: One who is at home in the tops of trees and can move easily from branch to branch.

treewee: A small, timid arboreal animal that resembles a perpetually miserable tarsier.

Trial of Hand, Head and Heart: A Sun Village rite between rival suitors. The Trial o Hand is a test of physical ability; Trial of Hand, a test of mental ability; and Trial of Heart, a spiritual test.

tribe name: Generally, the public name by which an elf is known and which can be changed, as opposed to the soul name which is eternal and private.

troll: Beings who have evolved from small, apelike, burrowing creatures used by the Coneheads as servants and mechanics on the Palace-ship; it was a rebellion by the troll precursors that caused the ship to crash on the World of Two Moons. There are two known groups o ftrolls: the holt trolls and the northern trolls.

Tunnel of Globes: One of Winnowill's defences; a tunnel containing spheres that explode when touched.

Tunnel of Golden Light: A passage from Greymung's caverns to the desert at the base of a sheer cliff.

Tunnel of the Green Wood: Tunnel from Grrymung's throne chamber to the site of the original holt.

turn of the seasons: Wolfrider season corresponding to a year.


None so far.


Valley of Endless Sleep: A wooded valley west of Olbar's tribe and east of Blue Mountain that contains the Forbidden Grove.

Vastdeep Water (or Vastdeep Sea): Glider term for a great ocean to the west of Blue Mountain.


wackroot: An analgesic plant known to Olbar's tribe.

Wadsack: Northern troll, male; one of Guttlekraw's guards; killed by Cutter and Rayek.

Wavedancers: An elf tribe living under the sea.

Way, the: The Wolfrider philosophy, traditions of behaviour, derived from wolf pack law.

went out: A term for the situation when an elf astral projects his soul out to meet with other elf souls.

whistling leaves: A purgative medicinal plant found in bogs and known to Wolfriders. Its perforated leaves make a whistling sound when the wind blows through them.

white cold (var. season of the white cold): Wolfrider term for winter.

whitestripe: An animal similar to a skunk.

Wile-Eye: Troll; one of Picknose's progency.

wobble-wobble: Preserver description of the effects of drunkenness.

wolf children: Sun Folk term for Wolfriders.

wolf demons: Human term for Wolfriders.

Wolfriders: Tribe of wolf-blooded elves descended from the High-One Timmain and a true wolf who are currently split up in two tribes and lead by Cutter and Ember. Of all elves on the World of Two Moons they are mortals because of the wolf blood that runs in them.

wolf-friend: Wolfrider term for their bond wolf.

wolf-send: A Wolfrider's method of communicating telepathically to his or her wolf.

wolfsong: A state of mind without past or future; also known as the "now of wolf thought" or the "always now"

Wood Dreams: Another name for the Forbidden Grove.

woodworms: Tree-boring insects.

World of Two Moons: The planet on which the Conehead's palace-ship crashed and on which ElfQuest takes place.

World's Spine: A mountain range near Sorrow's End.

worm-root: An edible, but bitter plant liked by holt trolls.

wrapstuff: Preserver term for the webbing they spit to form cocoons.


None so far.


yapthing: Petalwing's name for Choplicker.


zwoot: A rather stupid creature resembling a cross between a horse and a camel; used as a pack and draft animal by the Sun Folk.

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ElfQuest Glossary
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