Five Holts

An Adult RPG based off of Richard and Wendy Pini's ElfQuest comic books.
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High One
High One

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PostSubject: PLEASE FOLLOW   PLEASE FOLLOW Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 8:54 pm

1. No flaming of other people, except in the Bitching Thread.

2. This is an Adult forum, can't handle the language here, you're welcome to leave.

3. You must not be offended by same-sex pairings, three (or more)-somes, or partner swapping (if all parties agree to it).

4. Recognition and Cubs ~ it does not happen often. So if you wish to have a character Recognize another, talk it over with each other and the GM of the Holt your characters are from. As for cubs, they can be born out of Recognition, but again it's not an often occurance. So, this is another thing you must talk over with each other and the GM of the Holt.

5. Try to post regularly. If you can't post regularly, please let us know you'll be infrequent and/or absent.

6. Unfortunately, there will be no new characters done until ALL adoptables are taken. Then we'll go from there.

NOTE: Some understanding and knowledge of ElfQuest and the World Of Two Moons would help, but it's not neccessary. There will be a special group of people who will have the title of EQ Historian that you can always ask for any help if confused or uncertain of something.
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