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 The Dinaeh (Western Band of Humans)

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The Dinaeh (Western Band of Humans) Empty
PostSubject: The Dinaeh (Western Band of Humans)   The Dinaeh (Western Band of Humans) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 13, 2008 12:28 pm

The Dinaeh are Aztec-like in appearance and dress. They are patriarchal, but women do hold positions of power. Men tend to do the leading, hunting, fighting and protecting of the tribe, while women tan hides, weaving from plants, raising the children, and gathering plants and other edibles that donít need killing.

The current Chief is more liberal in his thinking, and allows more power to females of the tribe. There are those who are still narrow-minded, and feel that they arenít worth more then birthing and cooking.

The Dinaeh are relatively new to the Island, having come by boat from the mainland. They settled near Web Wood on the south-western part of the Island, and havenít had a chance to explore the Island in any depth. They are still a bit busy settling in and establishing themselves on the Island. They have explored their immediate surroundings though, and are aware of the webbing of the wood they live next to. They treat the Wood with reverence and superstition, not knowing why itís covered in webbing. They hunt the grasslands around their village and the small copse that are out in it, fish and gather wild plants. They donít have farming as of yet.

Recently two children from the village have snuck into the Wood and released the Catriders from their long sleep. The Shaman is curious to meet the Forest Spirits, but has yet to do so.
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The Dinaeh (Western Band of Humans)
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